The ForceAlcoholic

The Force Recipe - How to make a The Force

Ingredients for a The Force

  • Everclear® Alcohol
  • Busch® Light Lager
  • Lemon
  • Red Bull® Energy Drink

Quantities for one drink:

  • 1.75 Liters Everclear® Alcohol
  • 24 Cans Busch® Light Lager
  • 4 Cans Lemon Concentrate
  • 4 Cans Red Bull® Energy Drink

Blending Instructions:

  • Begin by pouring in six cans of Bush Light, mixing in 1/4 of the total Everclear as you pour
  • Next add one can Red Bull and one can of lemon concentrate
  • Continue this process three more times until all ingredients are mixed into the punch
  • Stir the entire time to ensure thorough mixing
  • Finished batch should taste mostly of Red Bull, but be advised that it is fairly powerful, hence the name
  • Serve in the standard sized party cup, but be prepared to make several batches because one batch is only enough to feed the smallest of parties
  • Large amounts of Aristocrat Vodka or other vodka can be substituted for Everclear if you want to be a cheapass about it; but in order to maintain the kick you have to use at least twice the ammount

Serving Glass

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