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Jack The DripperAlcoholic

Jack The Dripper Recipe - How to make a Jack The Dripper

Ingredients for a Jack The Dripper

  • Jack Daniels Bourbon
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Cream
  • Sugar Syrup
  • Grenadine

Quantities for one drink:

  • 1 Part/s Jack Daniels Bourbon
  • 2 Part/s Cranberry Juice
  • 2 Part/s Cream
  • 1-2 tsp Part/s Sugar Syrup
  • 1/4 Part/s Grenadine

Blending Instructions:

  • Add JD,cranberry juice,cream and 1-2 tsps of sugar syrup(or powdered sugar)to shaker with plenty of ice and shake well
  • Strain into cracked ice filled(2-3 cubes)large colada or large hi ball glass
  • Finally,drizzle 1/4 shot of grenadine at 3 points round edge of drink(it will drip down and pool at the bottom like blood!!)
  • Add straw,cherry,fruit slice,umbrella etc
  • Feel free to adjust measures to suit taste as this one`s quite sweet! Relax and enjoy RESPONSIBLY!

Serving Glass

Highball GlassHighball Glass



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