Blonde SmoothieAlcoholic

Blonde Smoothie Recipe - How to make a Blonde Smoothie

Ingredients for a Blonde Smoothie

  • Vanilla Ice-cream
  • White Wine
  • Fruit Cocktail

Quantities for one drink:

  • 1/2 Gal Premium Vanilla Ice-cream
  • 25.35 oz White Wine
  • 1 Medium Can Fruit Cocktail (light Syrup
  • Drain Well)

Blending Instructions:

  • Scoop ice-cream into a large bowl (stainless or glass, but plastic will do)
  • Slowly pour wine into bowl and mix until smooth (but not runny, or melted)
  • Fold in (well drained) fruit cocktail
  • Serve in wine glass with ice-cream scoop (add tacky paper umbrella if desired)
  • Keep in freezer when not being served

Serving Glass

White Wine GlassWhite Wine Glass



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