Flaming Drinks

By Supercocktails.com

The technique of flaming drinks is very fun and rewarding if practiced correctly, since it makes the atmosphere very flashy and professional.

The basics consist of knowing that most alcoholic drinks are flammable (the higher the proof the easier they are to ignite), and it is usually best to warm the alcohol before igniting it

In general, follow these rules:

  • It is very important to pre-heat the glass that will host the flaming drink, since glass is very prone to breaking when its temperature changes too much suddenly
  • When heating the glass, do not use a direct flame on it, since it will shatter or darken
  • The actual technique consists of igniting the pre-heated alcohol in a spoon, then adding it to the glass (which already contains the cocktail). If performed correctly, the cocktail should catch fire
  • It is legally required by most jurisdictions to keep a fire extinguisher in the bar if you make flaming drinks
  • When ignited, flames tend to burst up quickly for a moment. This flame is hot enough to burn your hair instantly, so watch out and always leave enough room for it to exhaust its initial burst
  • Once heated, do not keep heated alcohol around for too long, it is actually very dangerous because it catches fire easily (especially on summer)
  • Keep flammable objects far, this includes your bottles, which should be properly closed with their lids prior to igniting the drink
  • After igniting the drink, it is strongly suggested to not add any more alcohol, as it is quite dangerous