Bartending Tips


  • Ice is your friend. Never, ever run out of ice.
  • Cocktails should not only taste good, but also look good! Even if a detail like a garnish or an umbrella might seem trivial, it's actually very important and for the cost it has it really improves the perceived value and quality of a drink
  • Bottled drinks: as usual, you get what you pay for. These mixes (like margarita mix etc) are not high-quality and will end up leaving a bad after-taste that customers notice. You're much better off preparing fresh cocktails and drinks
  • Experience tells that people act in masses: once you make a drink for a customer, his friends will notice and will probably try the drink themselves (especially if the drink is fun, colorful or trendy), so plan accordingly. Also, keep in mind that cinemas have a great effect on people, and a new film about James Bond will probably reusurrect a passion for Martini
  • Vodka should be kept in a freezer since it tastes better cold (keep in mind Russia is cold!)
  • If you find a good drink and would like to know the recipe, just ask the bartender! They're usually very friendly and will happily tell you their recipe
  • Plastic toothpicks are better than wooden ones. Wooden toothpicks can splint and float in the drink. The best type is probably a long, plastic toothpick so it can be used to stir and doesn't disappear into the drink
  • Shaking should be done with a professional shaker. Not with glasses, not with blenders, but with a shaker! It works much better, it's easier to clean, it looks much more professional and it's just the best tool for the job
  • If you pour some drops on the external side of the glass, don't wipe it but transfer the whole cocktail to a new glass. Wiping it leaves a sticky glass that really turns people off
  • Your bar should look clean and slick, especially if your customers can see you while mixing. Always wipe your mixing area and wash your tools often: again, this greatly increases the perceived value of your drinks